Prof. B. R. Kamboj


ABIC CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar

Agriculture along with the allied sectors is the principal source of livelihoods in India with almost two-third population of rural households still dependent primarily upon agriculture for their livelihood. The largest industries of the country like sugar, jute, textiles, food processing, milk, etc. are dependent on agriculture for their raw materials.

CCS Haryana Agriculture University is imparting education in agriculture and allied areas. It has been realized with time, that most of the unemployed but educated youth have innovative ideas but generally don't have expertise and infrastructure facilities for starting business unit in agriculture and allied disciplines. Many of them aspire to acquire new skill sets and gain hands on experience on use of technology but they lack in know-how about technologies, quality assurance and certification procedures and their implementation. These youth need hand holding and support to emerge as confident and skilled entrepreneurs in agriculture and allied sectors.

In order to strengthen the entrepreneurial activities in the agricultural related fields in the state, CCSHAU has established an Agribusiness Incubation Centre (ABIC) with focus on innovations, skill building and entrepreneurship development in agriculture and allied sectors.

ABIC has been set up in CCS HAU, to provide guidance, technology and infrastructure and focus on capacity building through counseling, training, technical and business advisory services related to agriculture and allied areas for helping the students, farmers, unemployed youth, entrepreneurs for starting, running and sustaining the business in different areas of agriculture with the emphasis on quality assurance and safety parameters, certification, branding and marketing of different products.

This Centre not only helps the agripreneurs to develop skills for establishing their own units, generate employment for others and build wealth to develop themselves into Small and Medium Entrepreneurs but also works to provide end-to-end solutions for innovators and entrepreneurs in commercially testing their agri-business models and also to upscale their business ideas.

Continuous handholding support in terms of capacity building, product development, knowledge dissemination, business expansion etc by the Centre is expected to benefit many budding entrepreneurs in the State over a period of time and generate gainful employment.

I believe that ABIC will work as catalyst for developing an ecosystem conducive for growth of agripreneurship in the State and provide impetus to "Start-up" culture.